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Our core assistance includes website design services and development. The most important asset for any company is its marketing potential, which can be tracked, analyzed, and streamlined through a strategic website that drives their business forward.


A website is so much more than just imparting information. It is a tool that helps attract customers, analyse the end users, collect leads, integrate varied marketing activities, and communicate brand value.

If your website isn’t delivering the results hoped then you’ve come to the right place. Thor Solutions excels at medium, big and small website design service. In order to transform and grow your business and solidify your position as an industry leader, you need a partner that understands your needs and delivers websites that work. At Thor we use the apt and most relevant keyword for best ranking in SEOs

What does it take to make a Website?

A responsive website design service is much more than just nice pictures and content. Today, there are tools you can use to gain insight into who is visiting your website and provide you with the necessary information to track analyse and alter your marketing efforts to match your needs. This one stop solution is only possible by an agency which provides full service website design and management for small business and large brands.

Your business needs a comprehensive strategy that maximises your online presence, and attracts traffic. Our ability to help your marketing efforts scale over time is unparalleled and if growing your business or transforming your brand is what you are looking for, then you are at the right place. We are well established and competent to offer online website design service for sky-rocketing your sales.

Research & Competitor Analysis

Along with your brand guidelines and content, we begin by carrying out research on your competition and create a strategy that may appeal your target market. It is always important to view your website from your user’s perspective, for better results.


Your website is an extension of your brand— that means your branding throughout should deliver the same message and remain consistent. This helps clients easily recognize your brand and always differentiate you from your competition.

Responsive Website

Statistics don’t lie. 50% of your users, if not more, will be viewing your website from a mobile device or similar. It is absolutely crucial your website looks and functions perfectly across all ranges of device sizes and types to ensure perfect reach to your audience. 

Search Engine

SEO is an ongoing effort which helps you attract traffic to your site by improving your search results rankings and reaching a targeted audience. It takes a variety of techniques and a wide understanding of your market to get the results you desire. We even offer White Labelled Search Engine Optimisation Services. 

Lead Generation

If you do manage to get people onto your websites, it is imperative to put processes in place to ensure that the leads you are getting are relevant and that you maintain their attention until you are able to capture data to continue your marketing efforts. We can help create complex Lead Generation Systems to help you grow your business. 

Analytics & User

Digital marketing tools won’t get anywhere without user tracking and analytics. By gaining insight to your visitors, you can continually adjust and change your website to improve your results and improve return on investments.

Ongoing Success

One has to strive hard to keep up good impression. We can help provide ongoing strategic improvements for your website, ensure it is reliable, monitor results, and stay up-to-date while you concentrate on your business.

Strategic Partner

While we create and provide solutions, we hope to create relationships; that is what drives us and thus, we are always available for any questions or support and with our experience and ability we can ensure your success with excelling long term goals



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