Top 7 ways to engage your website visitors and generate leads


It’s no secret that website visitors are essential to the success of any business. Yet, it can be hard to keep them coming back or convert them into leads. That’s why, as a business owner or marketer, you need to find ways to engage your website visitors and generate leads. But how do you do […]

4 Ways to boost your digital presence

What is digital presence? Digital presence covers everything that your current and potential customers can discover about your business on the internet. It is the way of showing your business online. You can create and generate digital presence, through your website, social media platforms and other digital sources. Only 10 years ago you could create […]

What goes behind building a website?

If you have a business, you need a website. That’s almost a fact in this digital age, since each and every potential customer expects to find your business online. Building a website sounds so easy that most people don’t even realize how much effort it requires. Some people think it’s just finding some images and […]

What is SSL? Do I really need it?

Google being the largest search engine in the world it dictates on how the audience interacts with websites. Recently, Google has changed its policies by taking the transmission of data on websites seriously and has thus started punishing websites which do not have an SSL certificate. The importance of having a valid SSL certificate is that much more […]

What do I need to get my business online?

Many businesses start with a simple presence on a Facebook or Instagram page — and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just important to realise that you don’t have total control over those platforms and you’ll likely be limited in terms of what you can do there. Plus, most ecommerce marketplace sites take a cut […]