Why Influencer Marketing Works

In 2020, Influencer marketing was worth more than nine billion dollars. It is now expected to grow beyond thirteen billion dollars. Showing you that it is here to stay and only growing stronger. Influencer marketing is a form of worth-of-mouth or online marketing using social media platforms and influencers who share content to promote products […]

4 Reasons Why You Need To Become an Elementor Community Leader

Our Managing Director has been a Community Leader for nearly a year and we at Thor Solutions fully believe in the Elementor ecosystem and the community that stands behind it. Here are four great reasons why Ankush believes in volunteering his time to the Elementor Community: #1: Make Your Mark on the Web Creation World […]

14 Ways to Work with Your Competition

Do you need ways to work with your competition? These 14 ways to work with your competition are great ways to get started working with your competition beneficially. Forming extraordinary joint ventures specific to your needs and theirs will do wonders for you all. Co-Host EventsOne of the fastest ways to become a well-known business […]

Why Collaboration is Better Than Competition

If you’re still not sure about collaborating with your competition, let’s discuss the reasons collaboration is better than competition when it comes to growing your online business. Collaboration Reduces Stress It can be stressful to go to work each day thinking about how the competition is doing this or that better or faster than you. […]

Consistency Is Key for a Successful Brand Story

To be consistent, you must plan each step and path you want your story to take. Through consistency, you can better communicate with your audience and influence them to make a purchase or other actions. Consistency is about ensuring your goals and objectives are delivered or expressed correctly across all platforms or types of content. […]

How Storytelling Sets Your Brand Apart from Your Competitors

Did you know that the human brain is wired or attracted to stories? This is because stories are how the human brain learns, grows, and remembers things. Through stories, you can better remember important events and communicate or connect with your peers and audience. As an example, give the following exercise a try: Pick a […]

Elementor – Community Members That Made An Impact – Featuring Our MD

At Thor Solutions we use an array of technologies and platforms to create visually stunning websites. One of those is Elementor which allows us to create beautiful responsive websites in a fraction of the time enabling us to offer competitive rates to our clients. Our Managing Director works closely with the Community by volunteering as […]

6 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name for Your Business Website

There are almost 2 billion websites online, and if your business’ website isn’t one of them, it needs to be. A poorly designed website creates a lack of trust. Not only do you need a website, but you need a well-designed website that offers a great user experience. A big part of your website is the business […]